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Join Skinnovation as a volunteer and get free access to the conference including lift tickets.


Skinnovation is the first and only startup conference on skis. And without an awesome volunteer crew this event would not be able to take place. 

Therefore we are again looking for support and many helping hands! The event takes place from 16. - 18. March 2023, but we are looking for help from  13. - 19. March, as there are also a lot of preparatory tasks. 

For Skinnovation 2023 we are looking for two kinds of Helpers: Volunteers & Lead Volunteers.



Being a volunteer you are the face of Skinnovation. Besides supporting the event, you will have the opportunity to network with startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and other volunteers. Some volunteers even got an internship through the course of the event! 

Depending on your preferences there are different tasks available such as supporting the talks in the ski huts, checkin, shuttle services, preparing the evening locations, logistics, organizing the ski race, matching startups and investors at the ski lift pitch...

Usually, you work 3 shifts, hence it is also possible to do different tasks!

All volunteers will receive free access to the conference, lift tickets, free food & drinks, Skinnovation merchandise, the opportunity to expand your personal network and many more benefits. 

Lead Volunteers

As a Lead Volunteer you will be the group lead for other volunteers and directly support the core team of the event. It's a great opportunity to gain valuable event management insights, improve your leadership skills and be part of an amazing event. 

Since lead volunteers will take on more responsibilities there will be some training and preparations already a couple of weeks before the event. The committment will be about 5 full working days before the event and then 3 days during the event. 

The time for preparation and training before the event will be renumerated (400 Euro) and the time during the event will be counted as volunteering. Besides, we also offer some non-financial rewards such as (ski)clothing from one of our sponsors and other goodies.


Equally as the Volunteers you will receive free access to the conference (when you are not working), lift tickets, free food & drinks, Skinnovation merchandise, the opportunity to expand your personal network and many more benefits.  

If you have any specific question please email

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