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Tech scholarship
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Railslove is a Cologne-based design, and software agency which specialises in digital product development services, from business model design to UX/UI design and full stack development. They help their clients develop and validate new business ideas and digital business models that can serve as a starting point for a new venture. Railslove members have been part of Skinnovation since several years and now want to bring even more techies to attend the event, because they believe it's cool to talk about tech while skiing.

Who can apply? 

The Skinnovation tech scholarship powered by Railslove is dedicated to young and entrepreneurial techies, who would like to attend Skinnovation. Whether you have your own tech idea, are part of a team working on technology driven ideas or you are still caught in the corporate world ;-) is not important. What is important is that you are curious, entreprenurial ambitious and you also like skiing/snowboarding.

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