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For your stay in Innsbruck, we recommend booking a hotel in the city center close to the “Triumphpforte” or nearby Hotel Innsbruck as this is very close to the bus stations from where you reach the ski resorts and also the evening locations. Besides hotels, there are also plenty of apartments and rooms available on Airbnb.

A list of recommended hotels with Skinnovation rates will be published shortly.


Innsbruck can easily be reached by car, train, bus or flight. If you are travelling by car please expect to pay for parking in the city center, prices are usually around 2€ per hour or 20€ per day. If you fly to Innsbruck you might also consider flying to Munich as there are more and better connections. A bus is going straight from Munich airport to Innsbruck in 3 hours for about 20€. If you travel by train the first evening location is only about 5 minutes walk from the station. To reach the ski resort we will provide special Skinnovation shuttle buses from the center of Innsbruck. Please be considerate of the environment and use as much as possible trains, buses or carpooling to get to Innsbruck. 

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Skinnovation is taking place in the ski resort Axamer Lizum. This is also where the pitching in a ski lift will take place. Axamer Lizum is about 30 minutes drive from Innsbruck. There will be special Skinnovation shuttle buses from Innsbruck to the resort, which you can use for free.

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